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Boros Red/White

Boros Red/White

In the heart of Ravnica, Tharn, a valiant hero of the Boros Clan, faced a horde of sinister foes. Channeling his red and white mana, he summoned a tempest of divine fury. Lightning bolts cascaded from the heavens, each strike precise and unyielding. His enemies fell, scorched and defeated, as Tharn's righteous power illuminated the battlefield. Victorious, he stood tall, a beacon of justice and strength for the Boros guild.

Another beautiful hybrid design, both Ai-Genereted and Human Artist developed!

  • 100 Sleeves 

  • Matte Finish 

  • Excellent Shuffle

  • Acid & PVC Free 

  • Glossy Front

  • 66mm x 92mm

  • Fits Magic & Pokemon

  • Black Border 

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