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Cyberpunk Black Lotus

Cyberpunk Black Lotus

Amidst neon-lit streets and towering skyscrapers of the cybernetic cityscape, a lone black lotus flower bloomed. Its iridescent petals shimmered, defying the metallic surroundings. Whispers spread of its rumored powers in the technologically advanced world—a symbol of nature's resilience amidst the artificial. Amid the hustle of cybernetic life, the enigmatic bloom became a beacon of hope, revered and sought by those yearning for a touch of the organic in the synthetic world.

  • 100 Sleeves 

  • Matte Finish 

  • Excellent Shuffle

  • Acid & PVC Free 

  • Glossy Front

  • 66mm x 92mm

  • Fits Magic & Pokemon

  • Black Border 

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