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Green Leaf

Green Leaf

Gathered intensely around a table, a circle of friends delved into the intricate world of TCG. Cards shuffled amidst wisps of fragrant smoke as they indulged in a casual game, their laughter mingling with the heady aroma of sweet sticky Mary J. Amid strategic plays and spirited banter, the room transformed into a realm where dragons clashed, spells ignited, and friendships deepened. In this haze of camaraderie, the combination of fantasy and relaxation forged unforgettable memories among these kindred spirits.

100% Human Artist Created

  • 100 Sleeves 

  • Matte Finish 

  • Excellent Shuffle

  • Acid & PVC Free 

  • Glossy Front

  • 66mm x 92mm

  • Fits Magic & Pokemon

  • Black Border 

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