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Hobbit Tranquility

Hobbit Tranquility

In the tranquil expanse of the Shire, lush green hills rolled under azure skies, embracing quaint hobbit holes nestled amidst vibrant gardens. Life moved at a leisurely pace, punctuated by laughter and merriment. Smoke spiraled from chimneys, blending with the fragrance of freshly baked pies. Amidst this idyllic haven, camaraderie thrived, weaving tales of simple joys that echoed across the peaceful realm, an oasis untouched by the tumult of the outside world.

  • 100 Sleeves 

  • Matte Finish 

  • Excellent Shuffle

  • Acid & PVC Free 

  • Glossy Front

  • 66mm x 92mm

  • Fits Magic & Pokemon

  • Black Border 

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