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Phyrexian FU

Phyrexian FU

In the dimly lit crypt, a skeleton, forever adorned with a wedding band, found itself unwittingly frozen in an eternal gesture. Its bony hand, adorned with the Phyrexian ring, perpetually contorted in a rebellious flip-off stance. Visitors to the eerie chamber chuckled at the sight, dubbing it "Phyrexian F U." Legends whispered that the spirit within the skeleton was a prankster in life, forever immortalized in skeletal form, eternally flipping the world a bony, humorous salute.

100% Human Artist Created

  • 100 Sleeves 

  • Matte Finish 

  • Excellent Shuffle

  • Acid & PVC Free 

  • Glossy Front

  • 66mm x 92mm

  • Fits Magic & Pokemon

  • Black Border 

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