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My name is Cameron and I came up with the idea for Ai Armor in early 2023 when I was looking for sleeves for my Toxic commander deck (my friends hate me) and much to my surprise there was absolutely nothing! With very few actual unique sleeves on the market other than the same old ones that have existed forever, I was left wondering how could this possibly be, it’s 2023! I wanted something that actually went with the theme of my deck, so I ended up just making them myself. Then I thought.. well if I wanted these, along with so many other ideas for all my other decks, I’m sure others would as well, and thus Ai Armor was born!



Why Ai?
We take a hybrid approach when it comes to Ai and our designs, this means we use both Ai generation and human artists. We support people and their amazing talents as much as we support the future of technology. A lot of our designs start off as Ai, but at its current stage, it's not able to take most designs to the finish line. We then have our artist edit, touch up, remove objects or even draw in entire details.  
We also have designs that are 100% artist-created, like our Phyrexian FU, Green Leaf, and Vaultboy designs for example. With that being said we love Ai, with the power of instant generation, an instant feedback loop, the ability to constantly run trial and error, or even come up with new ideas we never even thought about, it's an amazing tool for small business's, the future of Ai is incredibly bright and we are thrilled to be a part of it. 
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